Over the years, the addition of exciting new technologies and techniques have added value to the filming industry and we’ve seen a huge shift from the most popular genres.
From 1995 right through to our current standing in 2015, the 2 top genres in America are Comedy and Adventure, with comedy making a whopping $39,617,248,769 collectively across the movies in this genre in box office sales alone! Adventure came a close second with a collective total of $39,133,258,855 through the last 20 years.
Not surprisingly, it was the family movie “The Grinch that stole Christmas” that steals the number 1 spot on the list of highest grossing comedy movie. The movie, which was released in 2000 by Universal Studios, made a total gross of $260,044,832 ($393,665,404 as an inflation adjusted figure).
Just last year, in 2014, the most watched trailer on YouTube which tops the list with 67 million views is “Fifty Shades of Grey” with Avengers – Age of Ultron coming in a close second at 64 million views. That’s almost unbelievable!
So here are the top 5 movie genres from the period 1995-2015
2102 movies in total
6,320,298,775 tickets sold
$39,617,248,769 gross income
movies in total
tickets sold
$39,133,258,855 gross income
movies in total
4,916,851,450 tickets sold
$31,399,306,139 gross income
movies in total
4,947,865,856 tickets sold
$30,491,085,989 gross income
Thriller / Suspense
movies in total
2,373,339,617 tickets sold
$15,312,338,820 gross income